Beaker in the Armory
Faction: Shadow Revolution
Original Defiant
Type Heavy
Passive ability Acid Shells
Active ability AM Pulse

Phasing Short AM Snipe Out of Phase

Company Points 300
Can Attack Air Units No
RPS Great Light
RPS Good Heavy
Health 49,200
Damage 250
Speed 110
Range 600
Vision 900
Offensive Cap. 100
Defensive Cap. 200
Crit. Chance 1%
Crit. Damage 50%

Yusaf Khan's tank is a modified Defiant, which is stronger in terms of health and damage. This unit has the most health points amongst Shadow Revolution units, with almost three times an ordinary Defiant, and still retaining the same speed. It only does a little more damage compared to a Defiant Mark I, but less damage than the Mark II or Mark III variants.


Yusaf was a University Professor of Theoretical Physics in Pakistan, specializing in spatial phenomena and sub-molecular manipulation. Four years before the Great Crisis, he was chosen by the Order to be the chief engineer to work under Draxis himself at the Draxis Institute near Moscow. Khan worked well away from any battlefield. He welcomed the Order´s world wide relief effort, believing it would bring stability and peace. The Information he was given, however, was nothing more than Order propaganda. Khan realized this deception after seeing a Shadow Revolution how his initial inroads into anti-material physics and black holes manipulations were being used to commit horrible acts against humanity. Professor Yusaf Khan was appalled. He knew that his work would continue to be used for destruction, so he did the only thing that seemed logical. After securing his research and prototypes, Professor Khan overrode the safety protocol on the science facility´s supercollider, causing a meltdown and explosion that leveled one of the Order´s leading experimental labs. Suddenly a wanted man, Khan found protection by joining the Shadow Revolution, bringing his anti material expertise and knowledge of black hole manipulation with him.

Because of his intimate knowledge of the Order´s technologies, Khan was pressed into service to provide tactical insight on the battlefield.



AM PulseEdit

AM Pulse fires a pulse around Beaker that deals 200 area of effect damage to nearby enemies. Beaker then disappears for 5 seconds and cannot attack. It is great against heavy, good against infantry and can´t hit air.

Phasing ShotEdit

Phase the target out, removing them from combat. The targeted unit cannot be damaged, targeted or cleansed for the duration. Cannot be used on aircraft.

AM SnipeEdit

Beaker unleashes a deadly short, puncturing through all enemies in a line and dealing damage that escalates with the amount of damage taken. Area of effect damage emanates from each enemy that is hit by the snipe.

Great against heavy, good against infantry and cannot hit air.


Gain advanced stealth but also take an additional 100% damage from all sources.

This ability is toggle on and off.


Acid ShellsEdit

Deals damage over time with its primary weapon.


Strong MatchupsEdit

Weak MatchupsEdit

Tips and TricksEdit

OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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