In End of Nations, players are given the power to deploy different Commander Abilities depending on the faction they are playing. These Commander Abilities consist of abilities that deal damage, apply buffs to allied units, or apply debuffs to enemy units. However, they cost a significant amount of resources to use, often forcing players to choose between bringing in more reinforcements or using the Commander Abilities. When used right, it can change the tides of a battle. At level 10 Mark II Commander Abilities become available. The Mark II versions are more powerfull but cost more.

Each faction has its own set of Commander Abilities to choose from. Besides that, there are also map-specific Commander Abilities called Superweapons that can be used when certain conditions were met in that specific map (eg. capturing a point). These Superweapons cost considerably more than the Commander Abilities but are usually able to deal far more damage.

Upon reaching level 20, each commander will also be given a choice from 3 different Specializations. These Specialization are similar to Commander Abilities, but they are significantly more game-altering and do not cost anything to use.

Commander AbilitiesEdit


Map-specific SuperweaponsEdit

  • Blue Water
  • Deep Freeze
  • Deep Hammer
  • Full Boar
  • Hold the Line
  • Last Stand