Liberation Front
Pre-Economic-Collasped Military Alliance
Democracy for all, no matter the cost!
Type: Pre-collasped military forces
Leader(s): Mary Dickinson
Ideology: Democracy
Truth. Freedom. Justice.
- Liberation Front motto

The Liberation Front is one of the factions in the game End of Nations


Increasing chaos led the world leaders to give up control to the Order. The Lord Chancellor of England, Mary Dickinson, refused to give up control of her people. She decided to fight against this regime, and began distributing a digital pamphlet codenamed "The Sentinel". She began to coordinate these dissidents.

The Liberation Front believes that people should be free to elect their leaders and form their own governments. They will go to the grave to fight for this right.

The Liberation Front have two classes the Spartan and Patriot classes each having their own advantages, and special abilities.