Machine Gun Turret
A Machine Gun Turret in the Armory
Faction Liberation Front
Class Spartan
Type Structure
Unit Abilities None
Company Points 50 at MK1
Can Attack Air Units Yes
RPS Great Infantry and Aircraft
RPS Good None
Health 6,000 at MK1
Damage 120 at MK1
Range 600
Vision 600
Defensive Cap. Rate 80
Crit. Chance 0%
Crit. Damage 0
Ignores Shields No
Ignores Resistance No
Build Time

The Machine Gun Turret is an essential structure when you need to defend a location. Its continuous stream of fire can take out infantry, but its ability to hit aircraft makes it an invaluable asset when forced to contend with an air strike.

OoN Action 3
"Taking fire, need support immediately!"
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