Faction: Order of Nations
Type: Heavy
Ability: ELF Wave

Pasive: Sonic Detection (Mk II onwards): Emits stealth breaking sonic waves periodicaly. 400 radius.

Infantry Mauler: Infantry that collide with this unit are destroyed.

Company Points: 200
Very good against: Heavy
Good against: Light
Health: 60,000/90,000/120,000 Mk 1/2/3 respectively
Damage: 2200/3300/4400 respecitvely
DPS: 275/412.5/550 respective
Resistance: 0%
Speed: 100
Range: 400
Vision: 600
The insignia tank of the Order of Nations formations, this is the heaviest common enemy that can be found on any map. The Prosecutor is a very armored tank geared to hunt multiple kinds of threats, using its diferent abilities to establish their presence on the battlefield. Its arsenal consist of two heavy cannons, ultrasonic emmiters and weaponized crushing threads. Its main purpose is to search and destroy enemy heavy and light vehicles, usually acompanied by Heavy suporting units like Enforcers, Liquidators, Regulators and Erasers.

Combat TacticsEdit

To deal with stealthed objectives the Prosecutor pasively emits ultra sonic pulses that detect nearby enemy units and forces them out of stealth, making them prime objectives for its escort. Despite having a lower detection range than OoN main detectors, like the Lancer or the Visionary, the pulses have the advantage of working even through blinding abilities. When confronted by aircraft, however, the Prosecutor will recalibrate its ultarsonic emmiter to a destructive wave length and direct it at the incoming attackers, stunning and constantly damaging them until destroyed. Even more alarmingly, the Prosecuttor will not only engage infantry with its main cannons, it will directly attempt to trample them with its threads, destroying them instantly on contact (therefore it is strongly recommended not to bring any infantry, as even deployed Guardians will be crushed instantly, but note that the possibilty of putting up a circle of entrenched Mars/Ares tanks around  infantry units has not been tested for efficacy to date). Please also be warned that the Prosecutor will, along with any Regulators present, charge Cyclops artillery units if they come under fire from artillery. Whether or not this behaviour also occurs with Ravagers is unknown. Gorgons or other disabling units would be a good idea in such instances to trap the enemy on approach and then shell them as much as possible. Given the threat they pose, Prosecutors are primary targets for both rebel armies, as multiple of them can potentially wipe out enemy formations if allowed to close the distance between them. They are especially alarming since in the most recent build Prosecutors have the highest health at Mark 3 (120,000) of any Order unit other than Panzer Hulks. Even Assault Panzers only carried 100,000 health (though they probably have at lest some level of resistance in them)

Prosecutors can currently be found in the following maps:

  • Full Boar
  • Hold the Line
  • Juggernaut
  • Landslide
  • Last Stand
  • Widows Wall