RPS or Rock Paper Scissors is a name used to refer to a game mechanic that influences how effective units are versus each other and structures.

In the game, RPS takes the form of a simple damage multiplier based on the type of the target unit. The game features five different target types. These are Heavy, Light, Infantry, Aircraft & Structure, listed in the game in same order. The different multipliers are presented with a color coding on the target type icons displayed in unit/structure info. The color code is as follows:


An example of unit RPS. In this picture, RPS settings of Wraith Dreadfire are displayed.

  • Red: Unable to attack at all. This is most commonly seen in regards to aircraft, since there are many units that cannot attack them.
  • Grey: Normal, unmodified damage. You have no bonus against this target type.
  • Yellow: 50% bonus damage. Your unit deals 1.5x the normal damage to targets of this type.
  • Green: 100% bonus damage. In most cases this means you will deal double (x2) the normal damage to that target type. It is worth to note that there are a number of units which actually have higher modifiers than x2 while their target type icon(s) are still listed as green. Generally these modifiers range from x3 to x5 damage.
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