Hey everyone --

I apologize for the late blog posts, but I've got real life stuffs right now that I need to take care of. I thought I'd come back and see the broken code on the front page for the slider, but somebody fixed it! Whoever had fixed my faulty code, thank you very much and the assistance is appreciated greatly.

Now that I come back and remember what the Wiki once was, then we glance at it now, we can see our progress towards ultimate world domination via knowledge. It's just overwhelming how far we've come since the Wiki's debut in 2010, then our resurrection in 2012. I'm sure Trion and Petroglyph appreciates our hard work, but we ask for nothing in return. We're just a group of players who want to make a deserving Wiki for a very deserving game.

I appreciate everything everyone has done, no matter how minute the change, I appreciate it all the same. We're a long way from being done, but I believe we can do it. Keep up the hard work everyone!

-- Rozak